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Founded in 1932, Toho Co., Ltd. began producing films at Toho Studios in Seijo, Tokyo. In 1971, TOHO PICTURES, INC. was established to specialize in feature film production, with Toho Co., Ltd.'s production and development departments at our core.

Toho Co., Ltd. is now considered as one of the largest film companies in Japan,
which has all functions of motion picture business that include production, distribution and exhibition. In keeping with the history and tradition of the Toho name, we at TOHO PICTURES, INC. have produced over 160 classics and blockbusters since our foundation almost half a century ago.
Based at Toho Studios and by working in tandem with Toho group companies, TOHO PICTURES, INC. is able to consolidate the entire production process, for delivery of quality productions with transparent budget management. Also our many years of production experience will help facilitate your shoot at not only Toho Studios' state-of-the-art facilities, but at locations all over Japan.

  • Our reliable production experience will result in high quality projects
    that meet your satisfaction.

Our years of experience in producing numerous projects gives us the flexibility to handle any situation that may arise on set, and will ensure a high quality production no matter what the genre of the project. We are confident that our expertise in Japanese film production will be of service to creators from all over the world.

Utilizing our extensive industry networks, we provide you with the best crew
and production plan possible.

The extensive personal networks we have built over the years allows us to provide a production plan tailored to your project with a cast and crew that best matches your needs, for a powerful, yet flexible production strategy.

Trust in the proven track record of the Toho group, Japan's largest film company.

By taking advantage of our location at Toho Studios, which boasts one of Asia's most cutting-edge digital-ready facilities, as well as our ability to work with various Toho group companies, we can respond quickly to your production needs. Of course, we are also able to work with outside vendors as well as with talented freelancers. After being briefed on your project, script and budget, we will propose the most appropriate production plan for your needs.

Work with a production company headquartered in one of Asia's
largest digital-ready studios.

Toho Studios houses not only sound stages and post-production facilities, but also a cafeteria, meeting rooms, production rooms, wardrobe rooms, make-up rooms, talent green rooms, equipment storage facilities, and ample parking. Various industry vendors and facilities are also consolidated on the premises. Furthermore, we have established good relationships with many rental houses and freelancers throughout Japan. Toho Studios is ideally situated, close to the center of Tokyo. As a production company, TOHO PICTURES, INC. is able to work directly with all of these facilities, vendors, and personnel in any way that suits your needs. You will be able to consolidate your contacts within Japan to ensure a smooth production. We act as the first and only production source for our overseas clients' needs, and provide the highest satisfaction possible. Also, we work under the same compliance standards as Toho, Co., Ltd., so likewise, our clients receive the full benefits of confidentiality and legal adherence that is required.

TOHO PICTURES, INC. is available for individual services as well
as total production packages.

We can provide and coordinate production services for even one facet of your project, such as:
・sound stage rentals
・script research, location scouts, location shoots
・casting Japanese talent
・equipment rentals
・production transportation and accommodations
・hiring local crew
We welcome all inquiries. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Contact Information: Toho Pictures, Inc.
1-4-1 Seijo, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 157-8561, Japan E-mail: tohopictures@tohoeiga.gr.jp